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Что я писал десять лет назад

Политтехнологам на заметку

"In elections in July 1997 Taylor's National Patriotic Party gained a decisive victory, securing 75 per cent of the vote, 49 out of 64 seats in the National Assembly and 21 out of 26 seats in the Senate. The resources he was able to pour into his campaign were far greater than any other party, and included control of Liberia's only nation-wide short-wave radio station; the use of a helicopter; and widespread distribution of T-shirts and rice. Taylor also made it clear that if he did not win, he would resume the war, emphasising his warlord credentials with the slogan: 'He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him'."

(M. Meredith, The state of Africa)
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