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А вот и иллюстрация про ишака, научившегося делать вид, что умеет читать Коран: это я

Holographic local quench and effective complexity
Dmitry S. Ageev, Irina Ya. Aref'eva, Andrey A. Bagrov, Mikhail I. Katsnelson

To understand patterns in thin magnetic films and complexity in general you are doing sometimes very strange things; after evolutionary biology this is a time for holography - what will be the next? Classical philology, may be?

The main message for those who are interested in complexity rather than formalism:

"Although here we deal with a quantum conformal theory and not with a classical scale-invariant model, sticking to the same general philosophy we can say that criticality itself does not imply complexity, but serves as a seed of it: when hit with a local perturbation, a scale-invariant system demonstrates the maximal possible rate of complexity growth."
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